Care and Support for Community

Since its establishment, Sathi Foundation has been actively contributing towards the betterment of the Transgender Community in Pakistan, through various platform. We have been utilizing every channel to empower transgender community by raising voice for legal rights and protection for transgender persons, advocating for social and economic justice, organizing community training, workshops, awareness campaigns, outreach programs and even providing supports in tough times such as Covid-19. While the country is under the third wave of the virus and ongoing situation of the lockdown across the metropolitan cities, we took the initiative to distribute food packages amongst more than 500 members of the community, during the month of Ramadan. This was an effort to ease out the financial suffering that this third wave of Covid-19 have brought upon under privileged communities in Pakistan, such as Transgender Community. While we are fighting for equal income opportunities for the community members, we thank the community members for putting their faith in us.

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