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The Sathi Foundation’s main mission is to create awareness and to promote social, political, and economic equity and equality for civil and legal rights of Transgender people and to help them live a dignified life.

About Sathi Foundation

SATHI FOUNDATION is a transgender led organization and holds the working experience of eighteen years in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention among MSM and transgender community. Founded in 2005, Sathi Foundation started to mobilize the Transgender community through spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Sathi Foundation works for the best interest of the transgender community. It is one of the pioneer organizations which started working for Khawaja Sara rights to solve their social problems and to give them information about HIV/AIDS prevention. Sathi Foundation started working on HIV/AIDS prevention with Contech international in 2005 and later on partnered Rahnuma FPAP (Family Planning Association Pakistan). Currently, we are working on the same Global Fund Project with the association of the National Aids Control Program (NACP) and Greenstar Social Marketing (GSM). Sathi Foundation has an affiliation with local organizations and INGO’s who are working to provide employment and skills development of transgender youth. Sathi Foundation connects transgender youth to such programs using its liaison within the community and with Government and local organizations and INGOs.


We provide HIV/AIDS testing, counseling, and linkage development in government treatment centers.

Follow up with the clients and nutritional support or relief packages for PLHIV (People Living with HIV) clients when needed with the help of other organizations. We STI medication and treatments along with Service delivery of contraceptive tools.

Sathi Foundation has been a part of the Transgender Persons (Protection Of Rights) Bill, which was passed in May 2018 and afterward started working on the projects to implement the law. Following the passing of the Act, we held out a Trans Pride Retreat to celebrate the bill passing in favour of Transgender community.

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